Alan W. Bagley is a native East Tennessean.  He graduated from East Tennessee State University with a BS in Criminal Justice and earned a Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University of Tennessee. He has been active in law enforcement, emergency services, and teaching for most of his adult life.  He served as a Paramedic with Sullivan County EMS for 8 years and with a large chemical production plant, has been a reserve officer since 1984, and continues his service with Kingsport Lifesaving Crew as a Technical Rescue Specialist, a staff officer with Tennessee Task Force 5, and currently serves as a paramedic and operator with S.W.A.T.


Alan holds numerous instructor credentials in rescue operations, medical techniques, and emergency service functions. He is a state and nationally certified firearms and personal protection instructor and is a contributing writer for several publications. As Director of Training and Education at J. Mark Bowery Insurance, he supervises the risk management training of emergency service organizations in Virginia and Tennessee for VFIS. At present, he is a coordinator with public health in Sullivan County, TN, focusing on Bioterrorism Emergency Preparedness.

Please contact me at or by phone at 423/335-6191.

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