Class Schedule & Commentary

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Saturday, February 17, 2018   9am to 6pm/CLOSED-FULL
Saturday, March 10, 2018   9am to 6pm
Saturday, April 7, 2018   9am to 6pm

Classes will be held at:

2804 John B Dennis Hwy, Kingsport

We provide the pistols and ammunition for you to complete this course. This is a convenient
and inexpensive way we reduce the student's cost and can provide and introduction to handguns. The law states that you may use any type/caliber handgun in the course
and then you may carry any legal type/caliber handgun when you get your permit.
We provide a safe, modern semi automatic .22LR pistol for comfort and low recoil and the ammunition to use during the course live fire portions.

We teach a non-intimidating class with emphasis on safety, accuracy, and legal knowledge,
using instinctive skills. As always, emergency service folks and immediate families get a substantial discount. Use our Online Store link above to reserve your place in the class.


Student Commentary

Class was informative and helpful.  I enjoyed learning about different munitions in addition to insights on ballistics etc.  It touched on everything from carry technique and strategy to types of ammo etc. Anyone interested in updating and upgrading their skills with a handgun would benefit from the course.   David G.

Your class was nothing like I would have expected, much to my delight.  The atmosphere was encouraging, engaging and VERY non-intimidating for a female with very little knowledge of the proper handling of a handgun.  The instruction was gauged to each student in the class, which is very hard to accomplish, and the range time was just as remarkable.  I would recommend anyone, female or male, young or old(er!) to take your classes or sit-in as a refresher if they have already received their carry permit.   Karen B.

I thought you class was very good. I've had countless marksmanship instruction classes in the Marines and I thought yours was alot more interesting. I will definatly be recomending you to anyone interested in getting a permit.   Clayton P.

My wife and several of her co workers took your Handgun Carry Class, I sat in with them just to refresh. This was one of the most informative classes I have been to, from your classroom set up all the way to the shooting range. I watched you as you instructed beginners to make sure they were 100% confident in handling and using their firearm and giving very useful instruction to the seasoned shooters as well. Thank You for a job well done.   David T.

I would definitely recommend this class/instructor to others.  This was the first handgun carry class I had ever taken...and it was great!  Alan is a very knowledgeable and professional instructor.  The material is presented in an easy to understand format.  Class participation is encouraged and participants learn valuable information and skills.  I would definitely take another class from you.   

I thoroughly enjoyed the gun carry permit course that you taught, and learned so much that I didn't know. You made class a pleasureable experience.... it was very professionally done and individual attention was given to everyone. I can highly recommend the course, and  look forward taking additional  courses in the future. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and expertise, and making the course a very educational and enjoyable  experience for all.   Ernie D.

I really enjoyed going through this class.  I was a little nervous at first because I didn’t really know anything about the make up of a gun.  You presented the explanation of all the parts in a very simple, understandable way.  I didn’t think about the process involved in shooting a gun…I just like shooting (smile).  But it makes a difference now that I know what exactly is happening.  I also learned a lot about the legal side of owning/ shooting a gun.  There were a lot of things I had heard about before that I found out was not true.  Not only did I learn a lot, I was impressed with the class overall.  The shooting part was a little nerve racking. I didn't have my own weapon so I had to use yours. I kept inadvertently putting my hand on the trigger and you were so nice to remind me, several times, without getting too irritated (smile).  I would encourage anyone interested in getting their permit to take your class.   Teresa H. 
Alan has taught many POST in-service classes for us and is one of the most knowledgeable and effective trainers I have ever known.  Chief M.,  local Police Dept.

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