I am often asked, "What makes your carry permit classes different from others?" I've also been asked, "I saw a class that was cheaper than yours - what's the difference?" These are legitimate questions and I want to explain why training with us is how "you get what you pay for". But let me start out explaining that even though the United States Constitution provides all citizens the Right to keep and bears arms, most States require some form of certification training and individual approval in order for folks to carry side arms in public. Even though some students are very familiar with handgun operation and usage, some are quite unfamiliar and are true novices. We make sure our class imparts confidence, education, practice and understanding to all students regardless of their level when they enter the classroom.
After successfully completing a Tennessee State approved Carry Course, students are authorized to apply for their Carry Permit. There is a core curriculum that each Instructor must cover and a certain MINIMAL shooting proficiency must be demonstrated by the student. The State does not regulate school tuition but does charge a consistent permit application fee at the Driver Testing Centers where a student applies. Virginia residents can attend this course and are issued a certificate that is accepted in the Commonwealth.

So what makes one school "better" (or worse) that another? I think that the best resource a school has is an intelligent, informed, respectful and enthusiastic Instructor. By and large, the credentials AND the personality of the teacher determines how the knowledge is received. Instructors at IMPACT SOLUTIONS, LLC are constantly training, improving their own skill sets - and most of those skills were forged on the battlefield or streets while serving citizens. But there is not room in our classes for instructors to relate war stories and brag for the whole session. The class is to teach YOU something new and sharpen your skills and knowledge. I will not allow anyone to be abusive or be overly critical of an idea. We express notions and ideas and skills that have been tried and true in reality-based drills and real world application. We pass that knowledge on to you because it is proven to work - because when you have no fine motor skills in a dynamic critical incident, when your midbrain takes over, when your heart rate, respirations and intense shaking increases almost instantly, when fear immediately affects your body - we want you to be able to function appropriately and immediately to save your life.

We aren't about fluff; we aren't about neat gadgets or complex skills. We are students of the body and mind as it performs under stress and that is what we explain to you. You need to know how the body will react under stress and know what to practice. And regardless of your age, physical ability, or disabilities, we provide you a means to effectively stop a threat. We build confidence through practice with training aids and simple scenarios. And there is no issues due to gender or age. As a matter of fact, some of our best students are ladies who have decided to empower themselves and learn safe and effective gun handling.

At my schools we implement and use computers, LCD projectors, AV equipment, wireless microphones to aid during classroom and range time. We position props so they can be seen and heard easily so that you are able to learn and practice in a more effective manner, even if that means me climbing on a table or laying on the floor so that you "get" what I am teaching. I have invested in over a dozen laser emitting handguns that have functional triggers and will show students exactly what a proper sight picture looks like and what their trigger pull does to a shot sequence. We use these initially in the classroom, training in climate control so you are focusing on the learning, not on annoying flies and sweat. We use inert plastic handguns to begin familiarization skills and to use when teaching target acquisition. We use bright lighting and will sometimes turn off the lighting to let you see what it is like to use your weapon in low or no light. We let you practice tracking and shooting moving targets.

At IMPACT SOLUTIONS, LLC we use 3-D and realistic targets. We set up our qualification range so you don't have to lay your gun and shells on the ground or squat down to reload. Most importantly, we provide the qualification firearms, which are exact copies of full caliber defensive handguns, and we provide safe ammunition to fire. We discuss not just why and how you can legally shoot to stop a threat, but discuss common sense actions after the shooting that will keep you healthy and in good standing with law enforcement. 

We will make equipment suggestions based on what works. Our instruction is based on the State Curriculum, but we add an additional, significant amount of critical information and knowledge during the course. The student will benefit from the Instructor's knowledge base and vast amount of information is presented. We realize that the eight (8) hour period is not enough to completely build all the skills, and we stress training and practice afterwards and advise how to do it most effectively. We don't TELL you what to get or what technique to use, we SHOW you and EXPLAIN why we make certain suggestions. We fit the client with what works for the client - we don't expect them to conform to any cookie cutter mold or popular expectation. When we can, we take the time out for individual counseling and aid for those "special situations".

All the Staff at IMPACT SOLUTIONS, LLC are professional in what they teach. And even though many were operators and career professionals, none of us look down on anyone and we don't play drill sergeant. Respect is a paramount ethic. However, we do teach professionals in the business; and those classes are run on a professional level where the ground gets a bit harder and expectation bars are set much higher. But never do we treat any student with disrespect, especially novice beginners. NO student in our Carry Permit class should ever feel intimidated or overly nervous, and I train our Instructors to detect those folks that are to immediately act to reassure and calm them. We do not allow shaking, nervous individuals to access firearms - we make sure everyone is comfortable and confident. Using the methods and props we have ensures that we do all that we can to build confidence in our students. We review the testing materials and we allow the student to practice pulling the trigger around 500 times before they qualify. It is very rare for a student not to do extremely well on the written test as well as the shooting drills. We assist those that have special needs and do so discreetly.

Any State certified school can offer a completion certificate after eight (8) hours of training; but you may only get what you pay for. We constantly reinvest in our equipment and continually add top notch aids to ensure you have the best possible training experience. This class is not just about marksmanship skills. IMPACT SOLUTIONS, LLC will teach you shoot under stress using the natural biological reflexes that your body will immediately do by reflex when threatened. We will teach you what you need to know to FIGHT and SURVIVE with a handgun. Our goal is for you to survive a confrontation, using appropriate legal options, as opposed to many schools who teach you marksmanship skills using gentle trigger squeezes, slowly fired shots and using slow breathing techniques. We can teach that in another class if you want to learn competition skills, but that is not the environment found in a personal attack. We train based on REALITY. We believe if you are a carrying a handgun in public, your goal is to survive a fight, not slowly and gently shoot your pistol.

IMPACT SOLUTIONS, LLC continually train ourselves and we love what we do. Go and ask any former students what they think of us and our training methods. Thousands will tell you how it changed their perspective and how confident they are now. Check out the references on the website and on Facebook. Ask yourself if you want the best for a fair price or the average experience for a lower tuition. But by all means ensure that the school that you attend is primarily safe and won't ask you to do potentially unsafe acts or put you into an uncomfortable position. Make sure they have enough attending personnel to maintain safety while handling firearms and that they practice all the safety rules themselves. Please accept the responsibility for your own safety and the safety of your family and get trained. Get a Carry Permit so that someday you won't regret that you were not able to save someone that you love. There are lots of good schools out there and lots of good instructors - find the one that teaches you to fight with the gun, that attends to your specific needs and knows the current legal requirements and above all, is safe - now go and enroll!

Remember my slogan - TRAIN HARD, PRACTICE OFTEN and BE SAFE!

AWB 2016

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