Class Information

Handgun Carry Permit Classes are a required 8-hour course as mandated by the State of Tennessee. The class includes a written exam as well as a range qualifying test. With Impact Solutions, you will practice with (inert) polymer weapons as well as laser-light emitting weapons with the classroom prior to range time, practicing your trigger pulls and sight patterns extensively. All testing materials will be covered at great length during both the classroom portion and the range activity. 

Our classes are very positive and dynamic, as we offer a new approach to learning safety habits and skills with your carry weapon.

You will need your application number from the State so that we may add you to the roster that is submitted to the State. This number will be used during your entire permit process so please keep it available for reference. No student will be allowed to take the course without first applying to the State and receiving an application number.  A link is provided on the Home Page as well as here:

*Class dates are subject to change.

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