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With all the changes coming out of Nashville concerning the levels of Handgun Permits, it has been hard to keep up. We have been in contact with the Department of Safety and have found out information that will change some of the things we do at IMPACT SOLUTIONS, LLC.  

The current Handgun Carry Permit Class we teach will be classified as the Enhanced Carry Permit. It does and will continue to provide reciprocity with other states. It is the 8 hour class and shooting curriculum course. We will continue to provide this course for those that wish proper safety and legal training and also want professional training and reality based training.  We offer a premier course which we consider the best out there, providing you the confidence, practice time, knowledge and skills to survive the fight.

We MAY offer the online course which requires only 90 minutes of online trading with no shooting, but that will be down the road if we do. Presently,  you may carry concealed with this option but there is presently NO reciprocity with any other state.          

We understand that the Second Amendment is technically the only “permit” you need, but training is preferred, for sure. After review by other states, the lesser options may get reciprocity status-  they may not.  In fact, with the lower standards, some states may rescind reciprocity with TN for the Enhanced version-we just don’t know.  


Starting 1 JAN 2020,  Impact Solutions, LLC will offer a third option for Tennessee residents: an in-person interaction where we provide a short introduction to handguns and safety  class. If you don’t want to brave the internet and fool with computers, we can meet face-to-face and have a brief interaction and we will provide you a certificate. This will be for a fee of $35. The certificate will be taken by you to DMV where you’ll apply and pay $65 to the State, be fingerprinted and await your in-state concealed carry permit.

We understand this is not what we consider the best, but it is offered as an option by the state for a state school, and Alan is passing this option to you.  This is the State of Tennessee’s ruling. Most people are familiar with the new online option, but we have the option to do an in-person quick course and issue you a certificate-literally in less than 30 minutes, which results in the same carry permit as the online course.  We would rather offer the applicant an opportunity to talk with us and ask questions than to simply log in to an online course without the option of interaction.  At least this way you can tap our brains and have questions answered-correctly.  Contact us to arrange for this option.  It is literally as simple as arranging for a meeting somewhere and us talking for a short time, with us providing basic handgun familiarity and safety discussions then issuing you a certificate. The State is allowing our school the option of providing this to you.

TRAIN HARD, PRACTICE OFTEN, and BE SAFE! — with Alan Bagley and Randy Elkins.



Important Information

We will happily adjust your class date if you cannot attend. Refunds are given within ten (10) days prior to the date of the class.